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September 1, 2005: Bibliography on Peak Oil Printer Friendly Version

Bibliography on Peak Oil

James Herod
September, 2005


Campbell, C. J. The Coming Oil Crisis. 1997, 210 pages (oversized book)
----- Oil Crisis. Sept 2005, 456 pages, Multi-Science Publishing

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----- Hubbert’s Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage. 2001

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----- Powerdown: Options and Actions for a Post-Carbon World. 2004

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(Gold argues that oil is not a fossil fuel. For rebuttals, see Jean Laherrere, Dale Allen Pfeiffer, and Ugo Bardi below.)

Web Sites

Internet Essays

(The following two essays support the Thomas Gold hypothesis, that oil is not a fossil fuel derived from organic matter, but is an abiotic substance generated in the crust of the earth.)

Brown, Thomas J., The End of Fossel Fuels

McGowan, Dave, Beware the ‘Peak Oil’ Agenda

(For a rebuttal of the Gold hypothesis, see the following:)

Bardi, Ugo, Abiotic Oil: Science or Politics?

Laherrere, Jean, No Free Lunch, Part 1: A Critique of Thomas Gold’s Claims for Abiotic Oil

Pfeiffer, Dale Allen, No Free Lunch, Part 2: If Abiotic Oil Exists, Where Is It?

(Other relevant essays, editorials, and news reports)

Caffentzis, George, Peak Oil and National Security: A Critique of Energy Alternatives

The Struggle for the Petroleum Commons: Local, Islamic, and Global

Auerback, Marshall, The View from the Summit of Hubbert’s Peak (International Perspective for March 14, 2005)

Engdahl, F. William, Iraq and the Problem of Peak Oil

Klare, Michael T., More Blood, Less Oil: The Failed U.S. Mission to Capture Iraqi Petroleum

----- Oil Wars: Transforminhg the American military into a Global Oil-Protection Service

---- Mapping the Oil Motive

----- The Intensifying Global Struggle for Energy

Pocha, Jehangir, The Axis of Oil

Pitt, William Rivers, The Prophecy of Oil

Bryce, Robert, Running on Empty

Gowans, Stephen, US-UK Interventionism. The Hidden Agenda is Oil: Sudan: Round Gazillion

DeWit, Andrew, Peak Oil and Japan’s Food Dependence

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Pfeiffer, Dale Allen, Peak Oil and the Working Class

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