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November 2000: A Bibliographical Guide to Anarchism in English Printer Friendly Version

A Bibliographical Guide to Anarchism in English

(November, 2000)

James Herod


Anarchism did not emerge as a distinct, full-bodied movement until the nineteenth century. For most purposes, for example in a history of anarchism, it is perhaps best to keep to this distinct body of work. For the purposes of this bibliography however, given the extraordinary nature of our times, in which we have an opportunity to renew anarchism as a movement, and redefine radical politics in general, it is more useful I believe to broaden the term, to use it as an umbrella concept so to speak, and thus include precursors of anarchist thought as well as parallel or related political tendencies. Therefore I use this broadened definition of anarchism and include within it anti-authoritarianism and anti-statism in general, the literature on workers control or workers self-management, surrealism, parts of French utopian socialism, some of Marx and parts of marxism (especially hegelian marxism, western marxism, and autonomous marxism), council communism, the libertarian wings of socialism and communism, much of the cooperative movement, communes, much of critical theory (the Frankfurt School), anarcho-syndicalism (of course), situationism, much of American so-called anti-federalism, radical democratic theory, radical epistemology, anarcho-feminism, radicals of the English revolution, radical theorists of the peasant revolutions, Christian communism of the Middle Ages, and so forth. Excluded of course are Leninism and Social Democracy and all authoritarian, statist, elitist, mystical versions of the struggle for freedom.


First Must-Reads

1. Ward, Colin, Anarchy in Action. Freedom Press, 1973, 2nd edition 1982, 152 pages. I believe this is the best single book to read on anarchism, if you can only read one. Ward brings anarchism down to concrete reality in terms of welfare, schooling, housing, work and play, social organization, crime and deviance, and so forth.

2. Landauer, Gustav, For Socialism (1911). Telos Press, 1978, 150 pages. "Continuing the thoughts he first advanced in his Skepsis und Mystik and Die Revolution, he effectively criticizes the central social forces of modern European society -- the Second International, advanced capitalism, modern science, the Social-Democratic Party, orthodox Marxism, and the economistic vision of state socialism -- while, at the same time, outlining an emancipatory, stateless, political order grounded in the traditions of organic community." (From the introduction to the Telos edition.)

3. Debord, Guy, Society of the Spectacle (1967). Black & Red, Detroit, 1970, 1977. A founding text of the French Situationist International.

4. Pannekoek, Anton, Lenin as Philosopher: A Critical Examination of the Philosophical Basis of Leninism (1938). Republished by Merlin Press in 1975 from the 1st English edition of 1948.

Pannekoek was a Dutch left communist, or council communist, from the anarcho-syndicalist tradition. This is a thorough refutation of Leninism from an anarchist perspective.

5. Gorter, Herman, Open Letter to Comrade Lenin: A Reply to ‘Left-Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder’ (by Lenin) (1920). Republished finally by Wildcat in September 1989. A Dutch comrade of Anton Pannekoek, Gorter immediately wrote this reply to Lenin’s attack. It stands as one of the first and most vigorous rejections of Bolshevism by Europe’s anarchists.

6. Malatesta, Errico, Anarchy. Many editions, e.g., Freedom Press, 40 pages.

7. Bakunin, Michael, Marxism, Freedom and the State. Freedom Press, 1950, 63 pages. A short
compilation of key passages from Bakunin (by K.J. Kenafick), which serves as a brief introduction to his thought.

8. Kropotkin, Peter, Anarchism and Anarchist Communism. Freedom Press, 64 pages. Two short introductions to anarchism, including Kropotkin’s famous article for the 1910 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica.

9. Berkman, Alexander, What Is Communist Anarchism? (1929). Parts Two and Three of this book (14 chapters) were reprinted in 1942 by Freedom Press as The ABC of Anarchism, 99 pages. Part One (18 chapters) was reprinted by Phoenix Press in 1989, as What is Communist Anarchism?, 117 pages.

10. Rosemont, Franklin, ed., Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion. Surrealism in the service of Revolution, Poetry, the Marvelous, Dream, Revolt, Freedom, Desire, Wilderness, & Love. Black Swan Press (#1, 1970, 80 pages; #2, 1973, 64 pages; #3, 1976, 120 pages; #4, 1989, 224 pages). "The most brilliant invective in American literature. Angry. Uncompromising. Provocative. Mindblowing perspectives on just about everything. Total revolt. A must read for anyone who seriously hates capitalism." (from What’s Left in Boston, June, 1989).

11. Roediger, Dave, and Franklin Rosemont, eds., Haymarket Scrapbook. Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company, 1986, 255 pages.

12. Pateman, Carole, The Problem of Political Obligation: A Critique of Liberal Theory. California U.P., 1979, 222 pages. The best discussion so far of the principle of "self-assumed political obligation", and of political authority in general. Together with her first book, Participation and Democratic Theory (1970) and her third book, The Sexual Contract (1988), this body of work represents the most brilliant and devastating critique of liberal democratic theory so far, and a defense of direct democracy and hence of anarchism.

13. De Cleyre, Voltairine, The First Mayday: the Haymarket Speeches 1895-1910. With an introduction, notes and bibliography by Paul Avrich. Cienfuegos Press, Libertarian Book Club, and Soil of Liberty, 1980, 53 pages. Passionate, powerful oratory by one of America’s greatest anarchists.

14. Castoriadis, Cornelius, Philosophy, Politics, Autonomy: Essays in Political Philosophy. Oxford UP, 1991, 304 pages. Castoriadis’ most accessible essays since his writings for Socialism or Babarism in the fifties. One of the strongest recent philosophical defenses of direct democracy, with a theory of knowledge to match it.

15. p.m., bolo’bolo. Semiotext(e), 1985, 198 pages. A very creative and provocative attempt to envision an anarchist society, complete with a new vocabulary to describe it.

16. Shanin, Teodor, ed., Late Marx and the Russian Road: Marx and ‘The Peripheries of Capitalism’. Monthly Review, 1983, 286 pages. This highly stimulating book should dispel forever the belief among some anarchists that the work of Marx is not relevant to the struggle for liberation, freedom, and anarchy.

17. Korsch, Karl, Marxism and Philosophy (1923, 1930). New Left Books, 1970, 159 pages.

A brilliant philosophical rejection of both Leninism and Social Democracy by a left German communist, council communist, and anarcho-syndicalist. Korsch helped bring Hegel back into Marxism in the twenties, and helped lay the foundation for a third road, an anti-statist road, that is, the anarchist road, to communism.

18. Macdonald, Dwight, The Root is Man (1946). Originally published in Politics, MacDonald’s very innovative and iconoclastic journal of the 1940s. Republished by Autonomedia in 1995. It is Macdonald’s break with totalitarian marxism, written in the 1940s in New York, coming out of "a larger anti-totalitarian anarchist, pacifist and independent Marxist milieu". A very stimulating book.

General Introductions

1. Harper, Clifford, Anarchy: A Graphic Guide. Camden Press, 1987, 196 pages.

2. Guerin, Daniel, Anarchism: From Theory to Practice. Monthly Review Press, 1970, 166 pages.

3. Walter, Nicolas, About Anarchism. Freedom Press, 1969, 38 pages.

4. Rocker, Rudolf, Anarcho-Syndicalism (1938). Pluto Press, 1989, 166 pages.

5. Ford, Earl C., and William Z. Foster, Syndicalism (1912). Reprinted in 1990 by Charles H. Kerr, with an introduction by James R. Barrett, 47 pages.

6. Maximoff, G.P., Constructive Anarchism (1930, English edition in 1952). Republished in 1988 by Monty Miller Press, Syndey, pamphlet no. 8, 42 pages. (Part two of the original book was published separately as The Program of Anarcho-Syndicalism, pamphlet no. 4, 64 pages.)


1. Woodcock, George, Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements. World Publishing Company, 1962, 504 pages (in the Meridian paperback edition of 1967).

2. Nettlau, Max, A Short History of Anarchism. Freedom Press, 1996, 406 pages. Just recently translated and published in English for the first time. It was intended by its author as a brief "guide" to the movements and literature of anarchism. His more comprehensive History of Anarchism, running to nine volumes, has only recently been published in its entirety for the first time (in German). Nettlau is the greatest historian of anarchism so far.

3. Joll, James, The Anarchists. Little, Brown, 1964, 303 pages.

4. Eltzbacher, Paul, Anarchism: Exponents of the Anarchist Philosophy. Freedom Press, 1960, 272 pages.

5. Cole, G.D.H., A History of Socialist Thought, Macmillan, 1962, 5 vols. The first two volumes of this intellectual history have much relevant material on anarchism: vol. 1, The Forerunners 1789-1850, and Marxism and Anarchism 1850-1890.

6. Avrich, Paul, The Russian Anarchists. Princeton University Press, 1967, 303 pages.

7. Yaroslavsky, E., History of Anarchism in Russia. International Publishers, 1937, 127 pages.

8. Schuster, Eunice Minette, Native American Anarchism: A Study of Left-Wing American Individualism (1932). Reissued by Loompanics Unlimited, 1983, 202 pages.

9. Jacker, Corinne, The Black Flag of Anarchy: Antistatism in the United States. Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1968, 211 pages.

10. Reichert, William O., Partisans of Freedom: A Study of American Anarchism. Bowling Green University Popular Press, 1976, 602 pages.

11. Bookchin, Murray, The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 1868-1936. Harper, 1977, 344 pages.

12. Bookchin, Murray, The Third Revolution: Popular Movements in the Revolutionary Era. Cassell. Vol. 1 (1996), Vol. 2 (1998), Vol. 3 (not yet published). Volume one covers the peasant revolts in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, the English Revolution, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution. Volume two "deals primarily with the major nineteenth- century uprisings of the French working class, from the Revolution of 1830 through the Revolution of 1848 to the Paris Commune of 1871." It also covers the First International.

13. Rexroth, Kenneth, Communalism: From Its Origins to the Twentieth Century. Seabury Press, 316 pages.

14. Dirlik, A., Anarchism in the Chinese Revolution. California U.P., 1991.

15. Marshall, P., Demanding the Impossible: A History of Anarchism. Fontana, 1994.

16. Ha Ki Rak, History of Korean Anarchist Movement. Anarchist Publishing Committee, Seoul, 1986.

17. Fernandez, F., Cuba: The Anarchists and Liberty. ASP, Longon, 1986.


1. Krimerman, Leonard I., and Lewis Perry, eds., Patterns of Anarchy: A Collection of Writings on the Anarchist Tradition. Doubleday Anchor, 1966, 570 pages.

2. Apter, David E., and James Joll, eds., Anarchism Today. Doubleday Anchor, 1972, 274 pages.

3. Goodway, David, ed., For Anarchism: History, Theory, Practice. Routledge, 1989, 288 pages.

4. Purkis, Jon, and James Bowen, eds., Twenty-First Century Anarchism: Unorthodox Ideas for a New Millennium. Continuum, 1997, 214 pages.

5. Ehrlich, Howard J., Re-Inventing Anarchy, Again. AK Press, 1996, 386 pages.

6. Ward, Colin, A Decade of Anarchy 1961-1970. Freedom Press, 287 pages.

7. Roussopoulos, Dimitrios I., ed., The Anarchist Papers. Black Rose Books, 3 vols, 1989 (vol. 2), 175, 192, 168 pages respectively.

8. Woodcock, George, The Anarchist Reader. Fontana, 1977.

9. Guerin, Daniel, No Gods No Masters: An Anthology of Anarchism (1980). AK Press and the Kate Sharpley Library, 1998, 2 vols, 276 and 294 pages.

10. Breton, Andre, What is Surrealism: Selected Writings. Edited by Franklin Rosemont. Monad Press, 1978, 389 pages.

11. Knabb, Ken, ed., Situationist International. Bureau of Public Secrets, 1981, 406 pages.

12. Arato, Andrew, and Eike Gebbhardt, eds., The Essential Frankfurt School Reader. Continuum, 1982, 559 pages.

13. Horvat, Branko, Mihailo Markovic, and Rudi Supek, eds., Self-Governing Socialism: A Reader. International Arts and Sciences Press, 1975, 2 vols., 490 and 327 pages.

14. Root & Branch, eds., Root and Branch: The Rise of the Workers’ Movements. Fawcett, 1975, 544 pages.

15. Horowitz, Irving L.,ed., The Anarchists. Dell, 1964, 640 pages.

16. Silverman, Henry J., editor, American Radical Thought: The Libertarian Tradition. Heath, 1970, 452 pages.

Major Figures and Classic Texts

Gerrard Winstanley (1609-1676)

1. The Writings of Gerrard Winstanley. Edited by G.H. Sabine, Cornell, 1941.

2. Winstanley: the Law of Freedom and Other Writings. Edited by Christopher Hill, Cambridge, 1973.

3. Gerrard Winstanley: Selected Writings. Edited by Andrew Hopton, Aparia Press, 1989, 117 pages.

Thomas Spence (1750-1814)

1. Pigs’ Meat: Selected Writings of Thomas Spence. With an introductory essay and notes
by G. I. Gallop, Spokesman, 1982, 192 pages.

William Godwin (1756-1836)

1. Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, and its Influence on Modern Morals and Happiness (1793). Penguin, 1985, 825 pages.


Woodcock, George, William Godwin: A Biographical Study. Reissued by Black Rose Press, 1989, 280 pages.

Robert Owen (1771-1858)

1. A New View of Society and Other Writings. Everyman’s Library, Dent & Dutton, 1927, 298 pages.


Morton, A.L., The Life and Ideas of Robert Owen, Monthly Review Press, 1963, 187 pages.

Charles Fourier (1772-1837)

1. The Utopian Vision of Charles Fourier: Selected Texts on Work, Love, and Passionate Attraction. Translated, edited, and with an introduction by Jonathan Beecher and Richard Biennevu, Beacon press, 1971, 427 pages. This is probably the best anthology of Fourier’s writings, although there have been others, e.g., Selections from the Works of Fourier, intro by Charles Gide, Allen & Unwin, 1901, 208 pages (reprinted by Schocken, 1971). Until the following work was translated in 1996, none of Fourier’s books had appeared in their entirety, as far as I know.

2. Fourier: The Theory of the Four Movements. Cambridge, 1996, 364 pages.


Beecher, Jonathan, Charles Fourier: The Visionary and His World. California U.P., 1986, 600 pages.

Max Stirner (1806-1856)

1. The Ego and Its Own: The Case of the Individual Against Authority. Several editions. Cambridge, 1995, 428 pages.

2. False Principle of Our Education, or, Humanism and Realism. Reprinted by Ralph Myles Publisher, 1984.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1809-1865)

1. Selected Writings of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Edited with an introduction by Steward Edwards, Doubleday Anchor, 1969, 276 pages. The best introduction to Proudhon’s thought in English if you can find a copy. Remarkably little of Proudhon’s voluminous writings have been translated into English.

2. What is Property? An Enquiry into the Principle of Right and of Government. Howard Fertig, 1966, 457 pages.

3. General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century. Haskell House, 1969, 302 pages.

4. The Principle of Federation (1863). (1st part and 1st chapter of 2nd part only). Translated with an introduction by Richard Vernon (not to be confused with Vernon Richards of Freedom Press), Toronto U.P., 1979, 86 pages.

5. System of Economic Contradictions: Or the Poverty of Misery (1846). Ayer Company Publishers, 1972, 482 pages.


Woodcock, George, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Routledge, 1956, 280 pages.

Lubac, Henri de, S.J., The Un-Marxian Socialist: A Study of Proudhon. Sheed & Ward, New York, 1948, 304 pages.

Condit, Stephen, Proudhonist Materialism & Revolutionary Doctrine. Cienfuegos Press, 1982, 43 pages.

Hyams, Edward, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: His Revolutionary Life, Mind & Works. John Murray, 1979, 304 pages.

Jackson, J. Hampden, Marx, Proudhon and European Socialism. Macmillan, 1957. Collier edition in 1962, 155 pages.

Dana, Charles A., Proudhon and His ‘Bank of the People’. Charles H. Kerr, 1984 (reprint).

Ritter, Alan, The Political Thought of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. Princeton, 1969, 222 pages.

Proudhon’s Solution of the Social Problem. Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Henry Cohen, Charles A. Dana, William Batchelder Greene, Revisionist Press, 1980.

Michael Bakunin (1814-1876)

1. Bakunin on Anarchy: Selected Works by the Activist-Founder of World Anarchism. Edited, translated and with an introduction by Sam Dolgoff. Preface by Paul Avrich. Knopf, New York, 1972, 405 pages, plus index. The best source in English of writings by Bakunin. Has a bibliography of his writings.

2. Statism and Anarchy (1873). Cambridge U.P., 1990, 243 pages. The first English translation of Bakunin’s only book length work.

3. Marxism, Freedom and the State. Freedom Press, 1950, 63 pages

4. God and the State. Introduction by Paul Avrich, Dover, 1970, 89 pages.


Carr, E.H., Michael Bakunin (1937). Vintage, 1961, 511 pages, plus index.

Masters, Anthony, Bakunin: The Father of Anarchism. Dutton, 1974, 279 pages.

Ravindranathan, T.R., Bakunin and the Italians. McGill, 1988, 332 pages.

Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921)

1. Kropotkin’s Revolutionary Pamphlets. First published 1927, Reissued 1968, Benjamin Blom, New York, 307 pages. I’ve always thought that this was the best introduction to Kropotkin. It reprints 14 essays on a wide range of topics, has an introduction and a biographical sketch by Roger Baldwin, and a good bibliography of Kropotkin’s writings.

2. Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution. Many editions, e.g., Extending Horizons Books, 362 pages.

3. Ethics: Origin and Development. Dial Press, 1924, 349 pages.

4. Fields, Factories, and Workshops or Industry combined with agriculture and brain work with manual work. Many editions, e.g., Greenwood Press, 1968, 249 pages.

5. Selected Writings on Anarchism and Revolution. Edited by Martin Miller, MIT Press, 1970, 374 pages.

6. Memoirs of a Revolutionist. (First English edition, 1899.) Many editions. Folio Society, 1978, edited and introduced by Colin Ward, 338 pages.


Woodcock, George, Peter Kropotkin: From Prince to Rebel. Reissued by Black Rose Press, 1990, 490 pages.

Errico Malatesta (1850-1932)

1. Errico Malatesta: His Life & Ideas. Compiled and edited by Vernon Richards, Freedom Press, 1965, 309 pages.

2. The Anarchist Revolution: Polemical Articles 1924-1931. Freedom Press, 1995, 123 pages. Edited and introduced by Vernon Richards.

Lucy Parsons (1853-1942)

1. Lucy Parsons Speaks. Charles H. Kerr, 2000, 208 pages.

2. The Famous Speeches of the Eight Chicago Anarchists in Court (editor). Reprinted in 1974 by Ayer Company Publishers.

3. The Life of Albert R. Parsons (editor).


Ashbaugh, Carolyn, Lucy Parsons: American Revolutionary. Charles Kerr, 1976, 288 pages.

Herman Gorter (1864-1927)

1. Open Letter to Comrade Lenin: A Reply to ‘Left-Wing Communism, an Infantile Disorder’ (by Lenin) (1920). Republished finally by Wildcat in September 1989.

2. Pannekoek and Gorter’s Marxism. Edited by D.A. Smart, Pluto Press, 1978, 176 pages.

Voltairine de Cleyre (1866-1912)

1. Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre. Edited by Alexander Berkman, Mother Earth Publishing, 1914. Reprinted 1992, Reprint Services Corporation ($75).

2. The First Mayday: The Haymarket Speeches 1895-1910. With an introduction, notes and bibliography by Paul Avrich. Cienfuegos Press, Libertarian Book Club, and Soil of Liberty, 1980, 53 pages.

3. Written in Red: Selected Poems. Introduction by Franklin Rosemont, Charles Kerr, 1991.


Avrich, Paul, An American Anarchist: The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre. Princeton U.P., 1978, 266 pages.

Emma Goldman (1869-1940)

1. Red Emma Speaks: An Emma Goldman Reader (1972). Compiled and edited by Alix Kates Shulman, with a new introduction and three new essays, Schocken Books, 1983, 460 pages.

2. Anarchism and Other Essays. With a new introduction by Richard Drinnon, Dover, 1969, 271 pages.

3. Vision on Fire: Emma Goldman on the Spanish Revolution. Edited with introductions by David Porter, Commonground Press, 1983, 346 pages.

4. My Dissillusionment in Russia, and My Further Disillusionment with Russia, 1923.

5. The Emma Goldman Papers. Web site at

6. The Social Significance of Modern Drama. The Applause Theatre Book Publishers, 1987.

7. Living My Life (1931). Dover, 1970, 2 vols.

8. Nowhere at Home: Letters from Exile of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, edited by Richard and Anna Maria Drinnon, Schocken Books, 1975, 282 pages.


Drinnon, Richard, Rebel in Paradise: A Biography of Emma Goldman. Chicago U.P., 1961, 349 pages.

Alexander Berkman (1870-1936)

1. Life of an Anarchist: The Alexander Berkman Reader. Edited by Gene Fellner, Four Walls Eight Windows. 1992, 354 pages.

2. The Bolshevik Myth. Boni and Liveright, 1925.

3. What Is Communist Anarchism? (1929). Parts Two and Three of this book (14 chapters) were reprinted in 1942 by Freedom Press as The ABC of Anarchism, 99 pages. Part One (18 chapters) was reprinted by Phoenix Press in 1989, as What is Communist Anarchism?, 117 pages.

4. The Russian Tragedy. Phoenix Press, 1968. "(This edition also includes The Kronstadt Rebellion and The Russian Revolution and the Communist Party, the latter pamphlet written by four Moscow anarchists and translated by Berkman. The Three pamphlets were all originally published in 1922.)"-- Gene Fellner.

5. Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist (1912). Frontier Press, Pitsburgh, 1970, 538 pages.

Gustav Landauer (1870-1919)

1. For Socialism (1911). Telos Press, 1978, 150 pages.


Lunn, Eugene, Prophet of Community: The Romantic Socialism of Gustav Landauer. California U.P., 1973, 434 pages. Has a 20-page bibliography of and about Landauer, as well as general works.

Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960)

1. Pannekoek and the Workers’ Councils. Edited by Serge Bricianer, intro by John Gerber, Telos Press, 1978, 304 pages.

2. Pannekoek and Gorter’s Marxism. Edited and introduced by D.A. Smart, Pluto Press, 1978, 176 pages.

3. Lenin as Philosopher: A Critical Examination of the Philosophical Basis of Leninism (1938). Republished by Merlin Press in 1975 from the 1st English edition of 1948.

4. Workers Councils (1950). Never so far reprinted as a complete book. Reprinted as four pamphlets by Echanges et Mouvement (no date, ‘80s sometime ?).

Rudolf Rocker (1873-1958)

1. Anarcho-Syndicalism (1938). Pluto Press, 1989, 166 pages

2. Nationalism and Culture. Covici Friede Publishers, New York, 1937, 547 pages.


Graur, Mina, An Anarchist "Rabbi": The Life and Teachings of Rudolf Rocker. St. Martin’s Press, 1997, 272 pages.

Ricardo Flores Magon (1874-1922)

1. Land & Liberty: Anarchist Influences in the Mexican Revolution. Cienfeugos Press, 1977, 156 pages.

Sylvia Pankhurst (1882-1960)

1. A Sylvia Pankhurst Reader. Edited by Kathryn Dodd, Manchester U.P., 1993, 248 pages.


Romero, Patricia W., E. Sylvia Pankhurst: Portrait of a Radical. Yale, 1987, 334 pages.

Randolph Bourne (1886-1918)

1. The Radical Will: Selected Writings 1911-1918. Urizen Press, 1977, 548 pages.

2. The World of Randolph Bourne: An anthology of essays and letters. Edited by Lillian Schlissel. Dutton, 1965, 333 pages.


Filler, Louis, Randolph Bourne. Citadel Press, 1966, 158 pages.

Karl Korsch (1889-1961)

1. Karl Korsch: Revolutionary Theory. Edited by Douglas Kellner, University of Texas Press, 1977, 299 pages.

2. Marxism and Philosophy (1923, 1930). New Left Books, 1970, 159 pages.

3. Three Essays on Marxism. Monthly Review Press, 1971, 71 pages.

4. Karl Marx (1938). Russell and Russell, 1963, 247 pages.


Goode, Patrick, Karl Korsch: A Study in Western Marxism. Macmillan, 1979, 239 pages.

Nestor Makhno (1889-1934)

1. The Struggle Against the State and Other Essays. AK Press, 1996, 114 pages.

Herbert Read (1893-1968)

1. A One-Man Manifesto. Freedom Press, 1994, 205 pages. (Selected articles 1938-1953, edited and introduced by David Goodway.)

2. Art and Society. 1937

3. Poetry and Anarchism. 1938.

4. Anarchy and Order.

Paul Mattick (1904-198?)

1. Anti-Bolshevik Communism. M.E. Sharpe, 1978, 231 pages.

2. Critique of Marcuse. Herder and Herder, 1972, 110 pages.

3. Marx and Keynes: The Limits of the Mixed Economy.

4. Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory. Merlin Press, 1981, 227 pages.

5. Economics, Politics, and the Age of Inflation.

Paul Goodman (1911-1972)

1. Drawing the Line: The Political Essays of Paul Goodman. Edited by Taylor Stoehr, Free Life Editions, New York, 1977, 272 pages.

2. Utopian Essays and Practical Proposals. Random House, 1962, 289 pages.

3. People or Personnel: Decentralizing and the Mixed System. Random House, 1965, 247 pages.

4. Growing Up Absurd. Vintage, 1960, 296 pages.

5. Communitas: Means of Livelihood and Ways of Life. (With Percival Goodman). Random House, 1947, 248 pages (Vintage edition).

6. Format and Anxiety: Paul Goodman Critiques the Media. Edited by Taylor Stoehr, Autonomedia, 1995, 250 pages.

7. Decentralizing Power: Paul Goodman’s Social Criticism. Edited by Taylor Stoehr, Black Rose Books, 1994, 204 pages.

8. Other works: Five Years: Thoughts During a Useless Time; Speaking and Language: Defence of Poetry; Compulsory Mis-education; The Community of Scholars; Adam and His Works: Collected Stories of Paul Goodman; Like a Conquered Province: The Moral Ambiguity of America; Nature Heals: The Psychological Essays of Paul Goodman; The Society I Live In Is Mine; and many others.

George Woodcock (1912 - )

1. Power to Us All: Constitution or Social Contract. Harbor Publishing, 1992, 191 pages.

2. Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements. World Publishing Co., 1962, 504 pages.

3. Anarchism and Anarchists. Quarry Press, 1992, 268 pages.

4. Powers of Observation: Familiar Essays. Quarry Press.

Plus biographies or George Orwell, Proudhon, Godwin.

Murray Bookchin (1921 - )

1. Post-Scarcity Anarchism. Ramparts Press, 1971, 288 pages.

2. Remaking Society: Pathways to a Green Future. South End Press, 1990, 222 pages.

3. Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm. AK Press, 1995, 86 pages.

4. The Ecology of Freedom: The Emergence and Dissolution of Hierarchy. Chesire Books, 1982, 385 pages.

5. Urbanization without Cities: The Rise and Decline of Citizenship. Black Rose Books.1992, 316 pages.

6. The Murray Bookchin Reader, ed. by Janet Biehl. Continuum, 1997, 288 pages.

And Many More.

Colin Ward (1924- )

1. Anarchy in Action. Freedom Press, 1973, 2nd edition 1982, 152 pages.

2. Freedom to Go: After the Motor Age. Freedom Press, 1991, 112 pages.

3. Talking Houses. Freedom Press, 1990, 142 pages.

4. Housing: An Anarchist Approach.

5. When We Build Again: Let’s Have Housing That Works! Pluto Press, 1985, 127 pages.

6. Talking Schools. Freedom Press, 1995, 141 pages.

7. The Child in the City. Pantheon, 1978, 221 pages.

8. Tenants Take Over. Architectural Press, 1974.

9. Art and the Built Environment (with Eileen Adams). Longman.

And many more.

Max Nomad

1. Rebels and Renegades (1932)

2. Apostles of Revolution (1939)

3. Aspects of Revolt. Noonday Press, 1960, 311 pages.

4. Political Heretics: From Plato to Mao Tse-tung. Michigan U.P., 1963, 367 pages.

Paul Avrich

1. Anarchist Portraits. Princeton, 1988, 316 pages.

2. Sacco and Vanzetti: The Anarchist Background. Princeton, 1991, 265 pages.

3. The Russian Anarchists. Norton, 1978, 303 pages.

4. Kronstadt 1921. Norton, 1970, 271 pages.

5. Russian Rebels: 1600-1800. Norton, 1990, 309 pages.

6. An American Anarchist: The Life of Voltairine de Cleyre. Princeton, 1978, 266 pages.

7. The Modern School Movement: Anarchism and Education in the United States. Princeton, 1980, 447 pages.

8. The Haymarket Tragedy. Princeton, 1984, 535 pages.

9. Anarchist Voices: An Oral History of Anarchism in the America. Princeton, 1996, 296 pages (abridged edition, the full text is 500+ pages).

Noam Chomsky [1928- ]

1. Radical Priorities. Black Rose Books, 1981, 307 pages.

2. Powers & Prospects: Reflections on Human Nature and the Social Order. South End Press, 1996, 244 pages.

3. Profit Over People: Neoliberalism and Global Order. Seven Stories Press, 1999, 175 pages.

4. The Chomsky Reader. Pantheon, 1987, 492 pages.

And dozens more.

Major Movements, Events, Social Experiments, Schools of Thought, and Special Topics

Peasant Wars

1. Berce, Yves-Marie, History of Peasant Revolts: The Social Origins of Rebellion in Early Modern France. Cornell, 1990, 359 pages.

2. Lindsay, Philip, and Reg Groves, The Peasants’ Revolt 1381. Hutchinson, no date, 184 pages.

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Anarchy on the Internet

"Anarchism and the Internet". Special issue of Practical Anarchy, issue no. 10, winter, ‘97/98

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