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Selected Papers, 1998 to Present

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February 2008Workers' Self-Management. A Bibliography
December 2000Topics for a Workshop on Anarchy. Three Documents
June 2000The Weakness of a Politics of Protest
January 1999The Lucy Parsons Center
April 1998The Loss of Anti-Capitalism
November 2004The Consolidation of Fascism, American Style
April 2004The Conference on Money. A Response from an Onlooker
February 1999Seeing the Inadequacies of ACF's Strategy Statement
February 2001Schooling (unfinished draft)
February 2011Review: Michael Lebowitz, The Socialist Alternative
May 2012Review: Giovanni Arrighi, The Long Twentieth Century
March 2007Remarks on the Efforts underway to Organize a Northeast Anarchist Network
July 2006Recent Cutting Edge Books
February 2009Palestine: The No-State Solution
June 2004Notes on Building a Movement for Direct Democracy
May 2012May Day Talk
June 2007Making Decisions Amongst Assemblies
January 2001Majority Rule
July 2006Issues that Divide Anarchists in the United States
August 1999Is Greed All That's Wrong with Capitalism?
September 2014Interview about the Liberated Guardian
August 2001Indigenism
May 2013Eulogy for Capitalism
December 2016Defeating Capitalists Quickly to Save the Earth
May 2010Capitalists, Global Warming, and the Climate Justice Movement
June 1999Breaking Out of the Cage and Destroying Our Jailers
April 2007Anarchists Getting Ourselves Together
April 2006Anarchist Revolutionary Strategy
March 2009Abolish the Stock Market
October 2001A Stake, Not a Mistake. On Not Seeing the Enemy
February 1999A Response to a Letter by Mr. Paul M. Weyrich
July 2004A Reply to Kazi Toure and Ward Churchill
April 2001A Perspective From Which to View Questions of Truth (unfinished draft)
November 2002A Great Plains Association for Anarchy?
April 2008A Goal and Strategy for Anarchy
October 2010A Brief Critique of Anarcho-Syndicalism
November 2000A Bibliographical Guide to Anarchism in English